Work with a Generation Next Affordable Housing Developer New York

Mirka is a New York affordable housing developer by partnering with local  stakeholders in Manhattan and outer boroughs.. 

Talk to us if you have a potential site to develop or contact us today and learn about our low income housing tax credit investments new york expertise .

Queens New York


If you are looking to discover how to qualify for low income housing in new york city, contact this agency here. We are a cutting edge lihtc nyc financial engineer. 

Low Income Housing Tax Credits New York

If you are a non profit, commercial real estate broker, family office or anyone who has property or knows of sites that could be developed for affordable housing, we’d love to speak with you. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you with potential financing or partnership opportunities. 

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Low Income Housing Developer Albany

If you are in the low income housing sector, senior housing, permanent supportive or in the municipality looking for possible career change, contact us today to learn about how to partner on Albany lihtc low income housing tax credits.