Developer: MIRKA Investments, LLC

MASTER PLAN: M I R K A 1 0 0 0
Planners & Architects: M+C Urban Studio Corporation

Mirka 1000 is a mixed-income residential  development located in the southeast quadrant of downtown San Diego. The phased development will provide three towers on a 2.11 acre triangular site – situated along the trolley line, adjacent to neighborhoods of Barrio-Logan and East Village, the three Mirka Towers express their unique, individual personality.

This can be seen in Tower One (27-stories; 318 du), its design parti alluding to a “garden aesthetic” – lush landscaping along the public realm, a corner trellised patio, and a rooftop south-facing garden—this goes hand-in-hand with the building’s theme, an abstraction of “hanging gardens”.

Tower Two (33-stories; 270 du) is designed as a rectangular solid, its 6-story grid-frame pays homage to the grid of the city at the important intersection. Likewise, its siting reinforces the street wall of the Commercial Street Corridor. Tower Three (38-stories; 412 du) is the signature work of architecture for this vibrant and sophisticated urban hub – its facades acknowledge the many urban features of its environs.

This would include a horizontal blue striped balcony at precisely 200-feet above sea level: this is the same height of the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge. Similarly, the black-white striping of the south façade’s balconies is derived from the struggle between residential and industrial land-uses in Barrio-Logan.

Moreover, the upper portion of the tower will feature colorful balconies in a Serape pattern, thereby establishing local connectivity to the Hispanic community of Barrio-Logan, and regional connectivity to the USA-Mexico international border. On the east façade a deep recessed triangular glass wall, 37-stories in height, alludes to a “colossal sail” or a “picture window to welcome the morning sun”. Another signature feature of Tower Three is the rooftop terrace – it’s a tour de force: an infinite-edge pool, indoor-outdoor lounges, and a sky-bosque of magnolias.

The formal architectural proposition acknowledges and articulates the project’s transitional position between the residential neighborhood and the eastern sector of the downtown core. Likewise, its prime, gateway location at the confluence of culture, land use, and transportation infrastructure, necessitates an eclectic assemblage of three distinct towers in order to achieve iconic, landmark status. Finally, Mirka 1000 promises to be a 21st Century trend-setter in consideration of sustainability, residential affordability, cultural aesthetics and urban design commensurate with the changing demographics of California.