Hawaii Affordable Housing Developer

Mirka is the most compelling new Hawaii Affordable Housing Developer.

Partnering with many low-income housing vendors in Honolulu is how we build wonderful affordable housing apartments housing in hawaii.

Our speciality is navigating Honolulu low income housing tax credits 

If you want to partner on senior housing, low income housing apartments, permanent supportive and other gov backed projects, give us a call. 

We build amazing affordable housing developments and would love to partner with you to create more wonderful communities in HI.


LIHTC Hawaii

If you have a suitable site for low-income housing tax credits in Hawaii, give us a call today to discuss financing and other services where there can by synergy. 

Honolulu Affordable Housing

Get low income housing tax credits in Honolulu. If you are looking for affordable housing apartments in Honolulu, there are many sites you can go to. Mirka is actively seeking partners for low income housing development, senior housing and other subsidized communities in HI.