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Affordable housing financing

Our Portfolio Grows Via Lean Operating Methods

For every project, Mirka operates on a zero cost basis. We ensure all costs are justified as though each line item – internally and externally – is being initiated and evaluated for the first time. Nothing is beyond question in a budget, including developer fees! This form of capital management facilitates a clear, resourceful system of monetary allocation.

Without a top heavy organization, we are able to maneuver quickly, hence have developed a stellar reputation for managing multiple projects simultaneously without fail. From application to closing, we ensure fidelity to our fiduciaries through a dev process that is both visible and predictable. 

The short, intermediate and long term outlook for the affordable housing financing industry is quite robust. Work with Mirka.

Financing for Affordable Housing | Affordable Housing Financing
Financing for Affordable Housing
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Stakeholder Returns Are Maximized Through Our Inclusionary Approach

Mirka has a panoply of Non Governmental Partners, from all different backgrounds, whom we enable direct ownership and operational control. And we are ready and willing to float or adjust percentages on every deal.

Yet despite this equitable distribution, we maintain no exclusive, long term relationships that might hamstring us in the future. 

Our framework is more flexible hence our footprint can grow larger.

Financing For Affordable Housing

At the Forefront of Cutting Edge Financial Engineering

What separates us from others is the magnitude of vision and unity of command. Our applications are more compelling, with execution more powerful. Mirka’s conceptual advances in strategic positioning along with improvements in operational efficiencies have significantly reduced the costs of and expanded the opportunities for neutralizing investment risk not comprehensively deflected before now. 

Establishing site control enables Mirka to have leverage over the essential components of the deal approval. Contact us today if you know of a site or are looking for financing for affordable housing.  

Financing for Affordable Housing | Affordable Housing Financing

Affordable Housing Finance

Mirka Invest specializes in affordable housing finance, offering tailored financial solutions to individuals and families with limited incomes, helping them realize their dreams of owning or renting decent homes. Their expertise in this sector enables them to support various government initiatives and promote the development of inclusive communities.

Most Common Questions

Mirka has myriad ways of outscoring larger developers on applications. Many of these tactics are proprietary, but you are welcome to open a dialogue.

The latest project to break ground is the 400 unit 233 Roosevelt Tower in National City.

There are many ways to partner with Mirka, from site acquisition to financing to construction and more. Contact us to see where we can collaborate.

Mirka just completed a round of hiring, but due to our growing pipeline and expansion to other states, we are always seeking hardworking talent, especially with deep experience in the affordable housing industry. Send us a resume or CV.

Yes! While California is where the majority of our communities are built, Mirka is actively looking at opportunities in other states – including but not limited to – Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico and New York.

Please see this link for the 6 primary government funding agencies. 

Gov Funding Agencies

Azuriik has the highest number of units of any project in Mirka’s pipeline. We will be posting updates on this page and on LinkedIN. Stay tuned!

Yes, we specialize in maximizing affordable housing loan programs, which are usually always combined with private equity tax credit investment financing and other creative instruments.