Welcome to the future of affordable housing development.

Mirka with its strategic partners develops and manages high quality, affordable multifamily rental housing communities. 

Through innovative problem-solving financial structures and project designs that complement the needs of the community, we assist the underserved and diverse portions of the population including financially struggling families, veterans, seniors, formerly homeless, and developmentally disabled individuals.

affordable housing developer | Mirka Investments

Welcome to the future of affordable housing.

affordable housing developer | Mirka Investments
San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and Mirka CEO Kursat Misirlioglu

Our communities are improving lives and revitalizing cities.

We are extremely proud of the projects we’ve completed, the ones in development, and more importantly, the positive impact made on diverse, often underserved, vulnerable populations. 


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Want to partner with an affordable housing developer?

Want to partner with an affordable housing developer?

Join forces with Mirka Investments

Nationwide, the lack of affordable housing for economically vulnerable citizens has introduced new opportunities to fill this unmet demand. 

A central component to our innovative financial engineering starts with the formation of a unique stakeholder team focused on community.

We encourage active economic participation, including ownership and operation. And this is just one area where we demonstrate respect and appreciation for our partners. 

Let’s talk!

A multi-disciplinary team with deep private and public sector experience.

Unlike a traditional affordable housing developer, whose models tend to be vertical in nature to emphasize top line, we welcome more participation in our projects. We believe having more width strengthens the foundation for both project and company success.

Your knowledge, talent, and resources are an asset and we’d love to enjoy this journey together … as affordable housing properties across the country get acquired, converted, developed, leased and managed.

Collaborative Growth

Working with Mirka Affordable housing developers is incredibly easy.

Because our operational sovereignty and inclusionary culture fosters diverse alliances. 

Contact us today to discuss a potential project! 

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